Auckland Revisited - Day 1

Auckland Revisited - Day 1

26 February 2020

Today following a tremendous breakfast we were sorting out bikes, tools and spares to be taken back to the shipping depot near the airport.

Jen was her usual helpful self, volunteering to prepare some labels. Unfortunately Jen got her hands on a sharp instrument, a multi tool, then proceeded to injure herself by cutting her thumb.

There's a reason I don't ask Jen to do any mechanical or technical work on the bikes. 

After patching up Jens thumb we took the bikes to the shipping depot, leaving them in their capable hands.

Halfway back Mount Eden in a taxi we remembered we had not picked up a case we had left at the shipping depot. Time to turn around and collect the forgotten case.

That afternoon I decided I needed a haircut, so found a local hairdresser with a Chinese lady who spoke little English. Fortunately she understood No.2, with a wide centre parting.

Later we went to Eden Park where there was a small collection of food vans, where we sated our hunger with street food ( and ice cream, and crepes).


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