Invercargill to Cromwell

Invercargill to Cromwell

25 January 2020

Today's plans were to travel North, riding along an old unpaved settlers route in the Nevis Valley, spending the night in Cromwell.

It didn't happen for two reasons. Firstly the injury to my knee was even more painful this morning, and I was unsure it would bend enough to ride, never mind riding on remote gravel roads 10s of kilometres from any help and assistance.  Secondly, the weather. This was the first morning we had to start riding in the persistent rain. The planned route through the Nevis Valley would include several river crossings, whose water height may be raised enough to make things dangerous. We had encountered showers previously, but not rain of this quantity. Was it a karmic response to the previous days high temperatures?

We set off clad in ungainly but effective waterproofs, stopping briefly for fuel before agreeing to make as much progress and distance as we safely could in the inclement weather.

At this point I realised how little movement I had in my left knee. I was unable to lift my left foot onto the footpeg without pulling my leg up with my hand, and then it smarted somewhat! If I had to get off the bike I had to find a spot with a kerb to place my left foot on. I was fortunately able to find kerbstones when required, and with Jennifer's assistance I was able to get on and off the bike.

Jennifer was now officially appointed my full time carer and support worker. 

We made steady progress through a long list of placenames that sounded familiar, Hedgehope, Glen Coe, Ettrick, Roxburgh, Teviot Valley.

After a brief stop for a coffee in Roxburgh the rain decided to stop to be replaced by sunshine. Within moments our waterproof became suffocating and were quickly removed.

We continued through Alexandra onto Cromwell for our overnight stay.

Not many pictures today, the weather was bleak and we wanted to press on until the sun appeared.


Invercargill to Cromwell outline of route travelled
Trip statistics to date
Days in New Zealand. 20
Todays distance KM. 238
Total distance KM.  3064
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