Auckland Revisited - Day 2

Auckland Revisited - Day 2

27 February 2020

Today's entry is all about a day trip to Waiheke Island one of the most popular day trips from Auckland.

Waiheke Island is about a 45 minute ride in a fast ferry boat from the quay at Auckland, through Auckland harbour in an easterly direction.

The island is known for its beaches, wildlife conservation and wineries.

It was too hot a day for anything too strenuous, so after browsing the handful of shops in the main village Jen went in search of buried treasure on the beach while I searched for icy chilled liquid treasure in a bar/cafe.

I was more fortunate than Jen, I found my treasure for the day. We both had a very tasty lunch in the cafe.

Following our ferry ride back to Auckland we had a bit of a rummage in some of the shops before turning in for the night.


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