Perth to Margaret River - Shake, Rattle and Roads

Perth to Margaret River - Shake, Rattle and Roads

6 March 2020

Our Western Australia adventures have always included plans for a motorcycle road trip.

It wasn't feasible to bring our CCMs, so our next best option was to rent a bike.

Despite several bikes being advertised and showing on the internet as being available, initial enquiries revealed that almost everything that was available for hire had pillion seats that could compete with a Pita bread for both surface area and thickness.

I eventually found an available rental motorcycle that had a proper pillion seat, It was not exactly what I wanted, but our only choice was a Harley Davidson Softtail Heritage.

It probably wasn't the best idea to introduce ourselves to the motorcycle, but it was a 300km ride to Margaret River.

Shake and Rattle indeed. I've ridden v-twins for over 20 years, but I hadn't experienced this level of vibration before. Harley riders obviously manage long distances due to their bodies going numb from the vibrations.

Enough of the bike, the journey was uneventful, predominantly on 110kmh freeway.

There wasn't anything of note to see until we rode through Cowaramup, with its collection of roadside fibreglass Fresian cows providing brief light entertainment, before arriving in Margaret River.

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