Perth - Highway to Hell

Perth - Highway to Hell

1 March 2020

Imagine arriving in a large foreign city, and hearing rumblings of a large event to commemorate a band whose lead singer, a native of the city, died 40 years ago.

The singer was Bon Scott, the band is the world famous rock band AC-DC, the event is aptly named 'Highway to Hell' after one of their well known songs, the event is to take place where?

Over a 10km stretch of highway?

Yes, a series of flat bed trailers will carry bands, performing cover versions of AC-DC songs, along the highway from Canning Bridge to Fremantle.

You had to be there to experience it, the route was lined with thousands of people enjoying the performances by each band.

After the convoy of performers had passed us, we decided whether or not to travel to Fremantle to see the end of this musical extravaganza.

Instead we decided to return to Raffles at Canning Bridge, packed with AC-DC fans who were enjoying the performances of some more bands performing AC-DC songs.

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