Whanganui to New Plymouth

Whanganui to New Plymouth

10 February 2020

A bright sunny morning welcomed us as we left Whanganui on an unexpected quiet single lane country road. All was well until the surface changed to gravel for a couple of kilometers, but Jennifer was thankful when the tarmac reappeared.

Today's journey realistically had one highpoint, central to the route. Mount Taranaki, an active volcano (although its last eruption was in the 19th Century) dominates the landscape from miles around, rising out of and dominating the land for miles. 

Much of the time it is shrouded in cloud, but if you are patient the cloud will clear enough for the majesty of the volcano to be seen from afar.

We deliberately rode the long way around Taranaki in our attempt to get the best chance of a view, hoping that the cloud would clear enough to show it's majesty.

We arrived in New Plymouth, still within view of Taranaki, for our overnight stay.

Whanganui to New Plymouth outline of route travelled
Trip statistics to date
Days in New Zealand. 36
Todays distance KM. 202
Total distance KM. 4397
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