Wellington to Whanganui

Wellington to Whanganui

9 February 2020

A 9am start into a bright sunny Wellington Sunday morning , departing Cresent Point B&B, meant no inner city congestion.

We were through the city in 10 minutes or so.

We tried to keep off the mad motorway,  instead following the old main road out of Wellington. We stopped briefly in Johnsonville, on the outskirts of Wellington, to refuel and to buy another tyre pump.

Missions accomplished we headed North on Highway 1, recalling towns and villages we had passed through a month earlier.

A memorable recollection had been a coffee stop in the town of Foxton (yes it has a golf course) at Sam's Bakery. We made a point of stopping there just before noon and enjoyed a tasty lunch that, according to local byelaws, had to include cream cakes.

Having complied with local ordnances we continued onto the town of Bulls.

We didn't stop for any photo opportunities and continued onto Highway 3 westbound. About 2km away we could see a large bushfire billowing smoke, and a helicopter with a water bucket was flying towards the fire area. The fields around the highway had clearly not seen water for some time being a golden colour.

We rode onto Whanganui, our stop for the night.

Wellington to Whanganui outline of route travelled
Trip statistics to date
Days in New Zealand. 35
Todays distance KM. 205
Total distance KM. 4195
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